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Side Trips in the Studio

Exhibits & Books influencing my work 

Lowell Museum & National Park  


Lowell Mill Museum & Canal Tour MA 1990

Amoskeag Textile Mills & Mill Museum Manchester NH 

Textile Masterpieces, MFA Boston, MA 1989 

The Art of the Personal Object”, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian DC 1991

Industrial Elegance | developed by Steelcase Design Partnership, Guggenheim, SOHO 1992

Mechanical Brides | Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design 1993

    Gobelins Manufacturing/Tapestry Studio, Paris, France 1993

Packaging the New:  Design and the American Consumer 1925-1975  Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design exhibit catalog 1994

Information Art, Diagramming Microchips 1990 exhibit catalog Museum of Modern Art 

The MoMA collections of Industrial Objects by Industrial Designers

Gobelins Manufacturing Tapestry Studio Paris France 1983

Engines of Change by Steven Lubar 1986 

State of the Art, A Photographic History of the Integrated Circuit 

            by Stan Augarten 1983 Museum of Modern Art library 

The New Art by Gregory Battcock 1966

America's Third Industrial Revolution by Roy B Helfgott 1986

The Artist & the Quilt by Charlotte Robinson 1983 

World of Work: Readings for Writers by John W Presley & Norman Prinsky 

Signs & Symbols: African Images in African American Quilts by Maude Southwell Wahlman 1993 available Museum of American Folk Art

The American Quilt by Roderick Kiracofe 1993 

Jackson Pollock: Energy Made Visible by B H Friedman 1972

Pop Artists:    Jasper Johns     Robert Rauschenberg

A late discovery- 'Everything She Touched : The Life of Ruth Asawa'

I absolutely love her work and personal connection to her work. Her retrospective exhibit at David Zwirner Gallery 2021 in NYC was profound and historic. So lucky to travel there and see it in person. 

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